Duke Lion (dripster) wrote,
Duke Lion

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I may have found a computer for $150. =D I miss all my mp3s. heh. As for other purchases, I ordered a $130 MIDI pedal for my V-AMP 2. I'm also having the guy at Guitar Center call me if they ever get a used LTD Viper 301 in since they aren't a licensed LTD dealership.
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Hey, I'm in a band from Orlando, FL called 'It Rains For Caleb', since i think you might be into that kinda music, you should check us out, that would rule!


we also have an LJ community that you can join if you like our stuff: www.livejournal.com/community/itrainsforcaleb
Cool man. I just got around to downloading some of your stuff. It sounds pretty cool. I've got a friend in a band called Into the Silence. I think their doing an East Coast tour sometime soon, so if they're in your area, you should really check them out.

I've got a page on mp3.com too. www.mp3.com/colderra. Right now, it's only got some songs from my last band that didn't really go anywhere, but I'm getting ready to start uploading some new solo stuff that's better.

By the way, in case you have more than three songs that you want on your page, you can just edit the part where you can put HTML to have links to other songs that you upload. Just a way I found to get around the new 3 song limit.